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There are many reasons why our clients are looking for a quick sale in London:

"Separated and now looking to divorce"


"Inherited my Aunt's house and want to release equity"


"We're being threatened with repossession"

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"Got to relocate up to Glasgow with my new job"


How many other London property companies can offer you all this?

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  • The House Buying Service From Property Buyers London Limited

    We Buy Any House, Sell Your Property Fast in London TODAY!

    Property Buyers London Limited, try our home buying service

    We have access to hundreds of property buyers throughout the UK – all keen to purchase houses in London with the minimum of fuss. Whether they are investors or people looking for a family home, they are ready to proceed with the purchase straight away. These buyers – for one reason or another – don’t want to negotiate the minefield that is the UK property market. They are looking for homes that can be purchased in a matter of days, and without the need for prolonged negotiations on price.

    We buy any house in London fast on behalf of these clients – many of whom are cash buyers in a position to start the process from the moment you accept our offer. We always strive to buy property at current market prices, so there is no need to worry about price drop scams. If you want proof of our commitment to excellent customer service and buying homes at fair market prices, read some of the hundreds of favourable customer reviews we’ve received over the years.

    Have you ever thought: ‘I want someone to buy my home, but I want to avoid the fees and commissions charged by estate agents?’ Thanks to our speedy, reliable and hugely popular property buying services, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty of the open market. You can start to plan the next chapter of your life in the knowledge that you’re receiving a fair price for your property.

  • A FREE Quote For us to Buy Your Home Fast For Cash, no Fees, no Fuss, no Obligation!

    Get a free, no obligation property quote for us to buy your home fast for cash

    Have you ever considered a scenario in which you sell property in London today? We always offer fair market prices for the houses we buy, and we don’t charge the significant fees and commissions that many estate agents do. But how can you be certain that the offer we make on your home will be relevant to your local property market? Well, we don’t want you to take us at our word, which is why we are offering a completely free, no obligation quote. You could end up receiving up to 100% of your property’s market value – without the worry and uncertainty of selling on the open market.

    Unlike many other property buying specialists in the UK, we want you to fully understand the various factors that determine the real value of your home. We never pluck valuations out of thin air, as we want you to receive exactly what you’re entitled to. We will research the local market in order to ascertain average property prices in your area. We will assess the size, dimensions and your property’s current state of repair. You can assess the value of your own home by using our free house valuation calculator to ensure that the price we offer is in line with property sales across the UK. However, we don’t want to keep you in the dark, so we’re always open and honest about how we come to our conclusions.

    We will research homes similar to yours on sites such as the government’s Land Registry website. This tells us what houses have sold for in your street recently. We will also review property specialist sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, as we are determined to arrive at the fairest possible valuation for your house. This information is in the public domain, so there’s nothing stopping you from reviewing it and verifying that the price we’re willing to pay for your property is a fair one.

  • How to Sell Your House Quickly in London

    How can I sell my house fast in London now?

    Wondering how to sell your house fast in London without any fuss? The thought of selling property fast in the current market may seem too good to be true, but there are buyers out there who don’t want the extra expense and uncertainty that buying on the open market entails. We act on behalf of these buyers, which means you could be able to sell your house in a matter of days. We have working relationships with hundreds of people ready to pay cash for your property without delay.

    It doesn’t matter whether you own a one-bedroom flat or a six-bedroom mansion, we have extensive experience in buying homes quickly and without the delays that are inevitable on the open market. In some cases, we can tie everything up within just seven days – although it usually takes a few weeks. However, when compared with the timescale of buying property on the open market, quick house sales can save you an enormous amount of time.

    There are several factors to consider when you’re attempting to secure a speedy and profitable property sale. Perhaps the most important thing to get right is setting a realistic asking price. You can get a feel of what properties similar to yours are selling for by using the Land Registry website. Remember, set your asking price too high, and you are likely to deter buyers before they even see your property. Set the asking price too low, and you could permanently devalue your home. By letting us do all the hard work for you, setting an appropriate asking price for a quick sale will never be a problem.

    Another factor involved in selling a house quickly is getting it ready for viewings. Although tidying up is important, there is a great deal more involved, including attending to any niggling repair jobs, decorating where appropriate, making the best use of space possible and ‘staging’ your home for visitors. Fortunately, utilising the services of House and Property Buyers will make countless viewings unnecessary. We will process the whole transaction with the minimum of fuss, and without a seemingly never-ending flow of potential buyers entering your home.

  • More About The House Buying Service From Property Buyers London Limited

    Our UK property buying service is ready to buy your house now

    Wherever you are in the UK, we have clients who are ready to purchase your property without delay. We are national homebuyers in LOndon who buy houses fast for cash and on behalf of other house buyers. Whether you own a flat in central London or a semi-detached house in Manchester, the buyers we represent are willing to begin the process of buying your home in a matter of days. And as our reputation grows, more and more buyers are choosing Property Buyers London Limited to purchase property without worrying about the many variables that exist in the open property market. That’s great news for you, as more buyers mean higher prices and quicker property sales.

    Selling your house on the open market may secure you a slightly higher price if you’re willing to spend the time and energy it takes to secure a buyer. But how do you know that a buyer you find is trustworthy and honest? Could they pull out of the purchase late in the day? And if you plan to rent back your home after selling it to an investor, can you be sure any agreement will be adhered to once the sale goes through? We know all our clients personally, and we know they are true to their word when they say they have the cash and the will to proceed with the purchase of your property without delay.

    The buyers we represent are often investors, looking for properties to rent out or renovate for a quick sale. It is in their best interests to facilitate the purchase as quickly as possible, as delays usually mean extra costs. We also represent ordinary people who want to buy a new home without the headache of trawling the property market and assessing local property prices. This puts you – as a homeowner – in a very strong position. Not only can you save a significant amount of money on marketing costs, commissions and fees, you can get a fair price and a quick property sale – and all you need to do to get the ball rolling is give us a call on 0800 669 6784.

  • Where we Buy, London Boroughs And Beyond

    We buy any house, anywhere in London, the UK’s premier city

    You may be thinking that a property specialist promising to buy any house is simply too good to be true. However, we have a proven track record of facilitating the purchase of London homes in varying conditions and circumstances. We don’t care where in London your property is, or its current state of repair. We are more interested in what it’s worth according to resources such as the UK Land Registry and Zoopla. After Brexit with London house prices in a state of uncertainty, sell to us, a guaranteed sale. If you own your home, we can find a buyer for you in a fraction of the time it will take on the open market.

    We will buy houses in any of London’s boroughs. Whether your home is derelict or in show-house condition, we will value it fairly and provide you with a no-obligation quote. What we won’t do is haggle over price or try to offer anything less than a reasonable price for your home. Our first offer will always be our best offer, so you can rest assured that we won’t be wasting your time. You might find that there are several services similar to ours that make impressive promises without fully researching the true potential of your property. We always give you a price that we believe is fair. We never attempt to renegotiate a price after it has been agreed, and we always ensure that you are kept in the loop on the progress of your sale.

  • How Much is my House Worth in London Today?

    How much is my London house worth?

    The key to securing a great price for your home is knowing exactly what it is worth according to current market trends. Try our free property valuation tool to estimate the value of your London property. The property markets in the UK are in a constant state of flux, so house values are often changing. However, the long-term trend is always upwards, and selling at the right time could net you an impressive return.

    The Internet is a valuable resource for homeowners, as it gives everyone the power to estimate the current market value of their own property. By checking data on local house sales, people can gain an understanding of what their property is likely to achieve. Resources such as Rightmove, Zoopla and The Land Registry website are ideal for researching the historical sales data on properties that are similar to yours. We not only help you to find buyers for your home quickly, we also point you in the direction of useful valuation resources, so you are always in control of your own property sale. But if you want an experienced, qualified and trustworthy property specialist to do all the hard work for you, House and Property Buyers is here to help.

    We really can find a cash buyer for your home – regardless of its current condition. Perhaps you are trying to avoid a damaging repossession, or maybe your home needs renovations that you simply can’t afford. Whether you have financial reasons for selling your home fast or you just want to avoid the uncertainty and delays of the open market, call us today for an informal chat with one of our UK property specialists.

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Cash Buyer 24 Hours no obligation, no fees!

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