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National Home buyers Who Keep Their Promises

Our national home buyers in London promise to buy any house, and fast for cash. Have you found the home of your dreams, but need to act quickly before it is snapped up from right under your nose? Perhaps a mortgage provider is threatening to repossess your property. Maybe you’ve been asked to relocate for a new job at short notice. Whatever your reasons for needing a quick house sale in London, we can help.

We also sell property, regional or national to homebuyers, who purchase homes anywhere in the UK. If we’re buying a home from you then we’ll stick to our promises on price. Depending on how quickly you need to sell your property in London, we get you an offer based on current market conditions. We can provide a free, online quote in minutes, so you will know exactly what we are prepared to pay for your home at the start of the house selling process.

We buy any house in London, sometimes ourselves or on behalf of property investors and private individuals throughout the UK. This means we are often able to complete transactions in just seven days. This is great if you need to sell house fast in London! And unlike other national housebuyers in Britain, our ethos is never to withdraw or reduce the initial offer we make at the last minute.

We don’t expect you to take us at our word, however, so you can get answers to all your questions on our home buying service by calling us directly.

Should I be concerned about complaints from any national home buyers I have read about recently?

You may have read about some of the bad practices being employed by some house buyers in the UK recently. There have been cases of house buying companies in London withdrawing or drastically reducing the initial offer they made at the last minute of the house buying process. Left with few alternatives at such a late stage, homeowners in London have been forced to accept such offers. We will never hit you with a last-minute price drop.

From the very beginning of the process, we will give you the option of setting your own timescale for the sale of your home. The longer you’re prepared to wait for a buyer to be found, the more we will offer you – it’s as simple as that. But you can rest assured that we will never alter the initial offer we make during the final stages of the transaction.

Do national home buyers stick to their promises?

Several homeowners in the UK have complained to the Financial Conduct Authority about the treatment they have received at the hands of less scrupulous national home buyers. There have been cases of homeowners being misled on price, and initial valuations being dropped during the final stages of property transactions.

We will never make any promises we can’t deliver on. We can offer between 65 and 100 percent of market value, depending on how quickly you need to find a buyer. We use reputable methods of valuing UK properties, and we always communicate with our customers open and honestly throughout the entire process. If you need to sell your home in London within just a few days, then get a free property valuation first then call us. We’ll be open and honest about any subsequent offer we make to buy any house in London  before you sign on the dotted line.

I’ve seen national home buyer adverts on the television – does this mean I can trust them?

Many national home buyer adverts are in newspapers and on the Internet, but just because their adverts look professional, this doesn’t mean these companies are providing reputable services to homeowners in the UK. Far more important than a sophisticated TV commercial or press advert is a proven track record of customer service, fulfilled promises and fair operating practices.

Three large firms were recently investigated by The Office of Fair Trading (now the Financial Conduct Authority). Firms like these often have huge advertising budgets in order to lure you in to selling, but the less reputable operators can then manipulate property valuations or lower their initial offer once they have won your custom.

At Property Buyers London, we believe in transparency from the outset. We prefer to channel our resources into customer service and fair prices for our customers, rather than spending enormous amounts on advertising. Many of the people who approach us do so because of the recommendation given to them by friends and family.

Is it worth reading national home buyers reviews?

Some national homebuying companies will often go to any lengths in order to win your custom, and this will sometimes mean making unsubstantiated claims about the average percentage of market value they pay for properties in the UK. But the best way to ascertain whether any national home buyer’s reviews can be trusted to follow through on their promises is to read what previous customers have said about them.

During any investigations into various national home buyer’s in the UK, it’s a good idea to find out if the company in question sticks to its initial offer throughout the process. Does the company communicate regularly with customers, and are promises on house selling time-scales met? Have customers been given the full facts about the service being offered, and did they feel pressurised into signing an agreement? You can use sites such as MoneySavingExpert in order to find impartial and honest reviews of any national home buyers throughout the UK.

You will find several positive reviews and testimonials from our previous customers – many of which can be found on our website and on Reviews.co.uk. We help people with a wide range of house selling requirements, and we never pressurise them into selling more quickly than they need to. This is why much of our business comes from word of mouth.

Is there a national home buyers watchdog?

Although there is no dedicated watchdog responsible for national home buyers, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently took over from the now defunct Office of Fair Trading. Many national homebuyer’s are now required to adhere to strict trading laws and guidelines, and any complaints of wrongdoing must be investigated fully by the FCA. The Advertising Standards Agency (ACA) might get involved in the practices of many a national homebuyer if UK advertising codes are contravened.