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We buy any house, our service explained, and an overview of the Industry

There is no doubt that the UK housing market has suffered some terrible losses in recent years. All the reports are now pointing to a strong and sustained recovery in house prices in London and for most parts of the UK. Despite a recovering market, however, there are some homeowners who are selling their house in a very different way. The number of ‘we buy any house’ companies has grown considerably since the banking crash of 2008 – fuelled by the demand for quick sales and guaranteed prices.

Although very popular at present, these house buyers are still shrouded in mystery. Homeowners are wary about entrusting the sale of their home to a third party – particularly as there have been several reports of malpractice and unscrupulous activities in the industry recently. Several questions, in particular, have been asked of ‘buy my house’ specialists, and we aim to answer them in full.

Are there any forums and online discussion boards devoted to buy any house companies?

Selling a house can be a worrying time, and more so if you’re using a property buying service that is not familiar to you. A good source of information on the process involved is the Internet, as online forums and discussions about money can give you the facts needed to make the best decision for your circumstances. Use this information properly, and you should be able to select the best company for a quick home sale in London based on customer feedback.

There are dozens of ‘we buy any house’ forums on the Internet, and finding them is as easy as conducting a quick web search using Google or other leading search engines. The likes of Digitalspy.co.uk and MoneySavingExpert have discussions going on right now, and registering with these sites means you can ask some questions of your own.

What are the most common complaints surrounding property buying services?

The reputation of the ‘we buy any house’ industry has taken something of a battering in recent years. While there have been some major issues, it’s worth noting that there are still several reputable services in the UK that aim to provide their customers with an excellent house selling experience. The we buy any house complaints being recorded on an official basis mainly pertain to the initial valuations being given to homeowners.

There are some house buying services currently offering just 70 percent of a home’s value – something that has been reported widely in consumer publications such as Which? Magazine, and on websites like Confused.com and MoneySavingExpert. In a few isolated cases, a number of disreputable businesses have lowered their valuation of a home considerably at the last minute. Helpless homeowners for this reason had little choice other than to accept far less than their home’s true value or to allow the deal to collapse.

Trading Standards is one of the bodies responsible for keeping we buy any house services in check. They are reporting that some ‘buy my house’ specialists are promising to complete house purchases in just seven days, only to revert to their contractual obligations of selling within 12 months.

It’s important that you shop around for the best deals, and for those companies that have many happy customers. There are house buyers in the UK that never change their initial valuation, as well as being honest about the estimated timescales involved.

Where can I find reviews on quick sale companies?

If this is your first time selling property in this way, it’s a good idea to perform a little research on it. You should consider the practices, reliability and integrity of ‘buy my house’ specialists before making a decision. We buy any house reviews are available on several websites, including on the Which? website and on Reviewcentre.com.

Many of the reviews written recently complain of promises made by these companies not being delivered. In many cases, allegations of outright lying have been made. However, there are also customers who have been able to ward off repossession or relocate for a new job quickly because of the excellent house buying service they have received. Try to find the companies that have glowing reports from happy customers.

I want to sell my house, where can I get a free quote on the Internet?

There are so many house buying specialists currently operating in the UK, to find and compare their services then search using ‘buy my house companies’ and ‘sell my house’ as keywords. Once you have, a few companies to compare, research their history of service provision on forums and discussion boards. Whittle your choices down to two or three companies that have glowing customer references, and you should be able to protect your interests – and the value of your home in London.

During your search for a free quote, you may come across a series of promises from more unscrupulous services. However, there may be hidden charges in the small print, including valuation charges of up to £700. You may also receive promises that the purchase of your house will take just seven days. While this is possible in some rare cases, the average time to sell a house in this way is still several weeks. Instead of paying anything upfront, search for free, no-obligations quotes. And if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember: we buy any house quotes should reflect the health of your local property market.

Do ‘buy any house’ companies advertise in newspapers and on TV?

One or two of the major house buying companies have started to advertise on the TV. However, it’s important not to get too caught up in the slick advertising of ‘we buy any house’ companies without looking at the detail. These ads promise that the process of selling your house in this way is quick and profitable – which it often is. But more unscrupulous companies may keep some of the less appealing aspects of their service hidden away in small print.

You may come across glossy newspaper, and magazine spread from companies making claims that we buy any house in just seven days. However, most of the contracts issued by house buying services include 12-month timescales. Although these adverts are tightly regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority, they can be very tempting to people who are desperate for a quick sale. The most reputable companies will use we buy any house adverts to educate customers while sticking to the facts.

If I buy property in Scotland or Spain, can I use this type of service there?

Although there are some key differences between the laws and procedures that govern house sales in these countries, it is still possible to use these house buying services for selling property in Spain and Scotland.

Selling property in England became very difficult after the banking crash of 2008, and the same fate befell the Scottish property market. Very high rates of unemployment, low consumer confidence and a dearth of credit meant Scotland was hit extremely hard in terms of house prices. There has been a recovery since, and cities like Aberdeen and Edinburgh are leading the way with double-digit property value growth. However, with credit still relatively scarce and many suspicions still remaining amongst buyers, selling a house quickly in Scotland still represents a huge challenge. This is perhaps why an increasing number of homeowners in the country are choosing to sell their house to ‘buy my house’ specialists.

Few European housing markets were are hit as hard as the Spanish market has been in recent years. A recent report in The Telegraph revealed that property values have crashed by more than 30 percent since the crisis of 2008 – and they are still falling at an alarming rate. This has led to a situation where the lending criteria for mortgages in the country are amongst the strictest in the world. There simply aren’t enough buyers to support the ailing market, and that is making it almost impossible to sell houses quickly at anything near their true value. Whether your main home is in Spain or you have a holiday property there, a ‘buy my house’ service may be the only realistic opportunity you have of finding a buyer quickly.

We buy any house services have developed something of a bad reputation recently. However, it’s important to remember that the majority of national homebuyers in London have their customers’ best interests at heart. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of selling property on the open market, there are still house buying services out there you can trust such as Property Buyers London Limited.

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